Career Spotlight: Meyana & LaOshia Tillman

Meyana Tillman

Length of Employment: 8 years

Job: Site Manager, Richardson Apartments

For Meyana Tillman, Community Housing Partnership has always been so much more than just a job. A dynamic and driven individual, she is passionate about her work, constantly aspiring to–in her own words–more. More responsibility, more recognition, more helping others.

She started working initially as an on-call desk clerk at Solution SF, then a Lead Desk Clerk at our Cambridge Apartments. Her excellent work ethic was quickly realized by senior staff and before long, opportunity came knocking. She has continued to advance in her career, becoming an Assistant Property Manager for the Rene Cazenave and Richardson Apartments at the same time, and then Site Manager of the Richardson Apartments, where over 120 residents call home.

“I love my residents. I go to work every day knowing I am making a difference in their lives. My favorite part of the job is giving someone a key to their home.”

She is grateful for the valuable lessons that the residents and staff have taught her and knows she has made her parents proud. They boast about her working for a non-profit that helps so many others. Meyana has even made working at CHP a family affair. She encouraged her sister LaOshia to come work with her at CHP, where she’s currently the Assistant Program Director at the Civic Center Navigation Center.

“In so many ways, CHP has saved my life! They helped me believe in myself and gave me all the tools I needed to be successful. They were so supportive when I was struggling with family issues and helped me gain the understanding and compassion I needed to keep moving forward.”

LaOshia Tillman

Length of Employment: 4 years

Job: Assistant Program Director, Civic Center

For LaOshia Tillman, the last four years at Community Housing Partnership (now HomeRise) have been all about dedication, trust, and results for the residents we serve. And like her sister, Meyana, who works as a Site Manager at Richardson Apartments, she’s been recognized again and again for her talents.

Back in 2015, Meyana encouraged LaOshia to join the organization as an on-call Desk Clerk at SolutionsSF. In less than a year, she was asked to become a Program Monitor, a hybrid position that includes on-the-job training and a career pathway to becoming a Case Manager. She successfully completed the training, became a Case Manager, and later, Senior Case Manager. Due to her continued stellar performance, she was recommended for, and became the Assistant Program Director at the Civic Center.

“CHP is a great organization that gives you the ability to grow with a lot of potential for advancement,” she said.

Civic Center is one of seven navigation centers in San Francisco and is the first step in the path to finding a home. Residents receive support and training to become part of the “inside community,” ending their time living on the street. LaOshia describes her position as being the backbone of the Navigation Center, making sure everyone gets the support they need.

“When someone from the outside community gives us their trust and lets us help them become part of an inside community, that is the best feeling – that they trust us.” One of the biggest challenges of the job for LaOshia is finding enough permanent supportive housing for people to continue on their path to being housed. But it’s also the moment she looks most forward to in her new role:

“The best part of my job is when we get someone into permanent housing, one more person off the street, that’s such a blessing, such a huge step up!”