• Community Housing Partnership began construction of Rene Cazenave Apartments, a 120 unit building named after one of the founding board members of CHP and a long-time advocate of social justice and progressive causes.
  • With the support of housing advocates throughout San Francisco, Community Housing Partnership gets approval to proceed with development of the Edward II, a planned development in the Marina District for transition-age youth.
  • Community Housing Partnership opens Drs. Julian & Raye Richardson Apartments in Hayes Valley on a parcel formerly occupied by the Central Freeway. At 120 units, the building is CHP’s largest to date, and is named after the founders of the oldest African American bookstore in the nation.
  • Community Housing Partnership rebrands and expands its social enterprise as Solutions SF, creating even more opportunities for advancement for hardworking individuals and positioning CHP as an engine for economic development
  • Community Housing Partnership hires its first Chief Financial Officer, Eric Broque providing prudent oversight of CHP’s financial affairs, resources, and the strength of its business strategy.