Mark Gleason

Photo of Mark Gleason

Mark covers employment collective bargaining jurisdiction for over 100,000 women and men employed at United Parcel Service (UPS), the construction industry, logistics delivery, warehouse and transportation service sectors in Northern California and Nevada. Mark serves as chair of the Bay Area Automotive Group which provides health benefits to 3000 union members and their families in the greater Bay Area.

Mark also sits on the Executive Board of the San Francisco Labor Council and is a delegate to the San Mateo Central Labor Council. Mark is a current director of the Teamster Assistance Program (TAP) providing rehabilitation services for those suffering from alcohol and substance addiction. As a City native, Mark attended San Francisco public schools, City College and San Francisco State University, and has raised his three children in the City’s local public educational system. Mark considers housing a “workplace issue” and is passionate about incorporating housing crisis solutions into effective advocacy for economic improvements in the lives of working women and men.