Scott Mauvais

Photo of Scott Mauvais

Scott works with local leaders to infuse technology into existing systems to make cities better places to live, learn, work, and innovate. He has worked for Microsoft for 19 years. He was the Director of the Microsoft Technology Center, an innovation lab where Microsoft’s top architects work hand-in-hand with Fortune 500 companies to envision, architect, and prove out solutions based on Microsoft’s newest technologies. Scott also worked for Microsoft Consulting Services where he ran early stage projects for customers in Microsoft’s Early Adopter Program. He has written extensively for Microsoft Press and Ziff-Davis.

Scott serves on the national boards of Upwardly Global, City Innovate Foundation, and the Urban Age Institute and co-owns The WELL, the groundbreaking online community founded in 1985. A resident of San Francisco, when not working, he enjoys skiing in the winter, backpacking in the summer, and seeing—and photographing—as much live music as possible year-round.