Stuart McFaul

Stuart McFaul is president of Stuart McFaul Associates, a marketing strategy and management firm helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs. He is the creator the Living Brand™ Marketing System, an empathy-based approach that has been leveraged by over 100 companies and has been recognized by The Smithsonian Institution as a groundbreaking way to introduce companies, products and services to consumers.

He most recently founded and led Spiralgroup, an internationally-focused full service brand marketing agency. A seasoned business strategist, Stuart has guided B2B / B2C marketing efforts for over 200 companies all over the world, including Apple, Cisco, Getty Images, HP and Oracle to multiple startups to foreign governments. His efforts have earned clients billions of dollars and program ROI as high as 23,000%. He is a frequent lecturer at major universities, including Wharton, Stanford and USC Marshall School of Business.