HomeRise’s Diversity,
Equity & Inclusion (DEI) council

Mission Statement

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) council will lead with empathy and compassion to serve as a change-agent, creating meaningful strategies and innovative programs that enhance DEI at HomeRise and ensure alignment with the values of HomeRise

The DEI Council is committed to creating a more equitable workforce culture through these Values:

Collaboration and Partnership

Invest in career development and our mutual success, give equity of voice to the needs of the residents, and communicate across departments to remove barriers.


Making sure people are paid and treated well, seeing people’s value and their humanity, understand and honor the needs of those on the frontlines, evaluate our partnerships to ensure that we partner with organizations that align with our values, dignity is not sacrificed at the expense of the bottom line.


We invest in the growth of our people in HomeRise and beyond, embracing the growth mindset to learn from our mistakes, we are not the mistakes; we focus on what we can learn from others.


Speak and advocate from our own experience, moves us from talking about the problems to acting on them, and ensuring that we give people the means to save themselves, we are not the saviors.


We see and work with our community and peers, working at HomeRise isn’t a career step or “job”, it is about people and their lives, a degree isn’t always the best indicator for job fit.

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Atlacatl "Carbon" Montecristo (he/him)

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I am currently a Maintenance Supervisor at 5th Streetand have previously worked at other HomeRise sites. Iam also a DEI council Co-Chair member. I hope tomake an impact by intentionally creating a culturewhere all communities that make up our staff feelmutually valued and supported. I belive in a state ofmind of belonging. Let’s create equitable access toopportunities for success.

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Jahnae Jones (she/her) Case Manager

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I have been with HomeRise for 3 years working as a Case Manager on Treasure Island. I joined the DEI Council to use this opportunity to acknowledge inequality and dedicate my time into putting equitable policies in place for the employees to thrive.

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Anthony Stithz (he/him) RS Counselor

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I have been an employee of HomeRise for 7 years asan RSC at the Zygmunt Arendt House (ZAH).
I joinedthe DEI council because I want to be a catalyst forchange and equity for all employees. I have seenmany inequities that HomeRise line staff endured. Mygoal is to
ensure that our company is accountable to its residents and staff. I hope to see HomeRise become a trend setter & leading agency as a beacon of what a healthy, vibrant, equitable and just workplace looks like.

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Louie Dunn (he/him) Roving Janitor

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I have been employed by Homerise for 4 years as aJanitor. I am a member of the DEI council, and I amhere to create an inspiring workforce with all staff,including my direct co-workers. I want all the tenantsto have a voice because they are the ones whomotivate me to show up for work each and

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Clayton Winfrey (he/him) Operations

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I have been part of the Housing Operation Department on the Facilities team for five years as maintenance Operation Manager (MOM). I joined the Council to become a voice for employees throughout the organization and to create a solid work environment that all employees are happy to work in/for.

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Mona Mahmoud (she/her) IT Portfolio Manager

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I’ve been working at HomeRise for 6 years.
I believein creating a culture of belongings where staff aretreated with respect, dignity, and fairness. I advocatefor ensuring we are given equal opportunities, we arevalued for our differences, and we are supported togrow professionally and make a difference.

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Hung Dam (he/him) Learning and Evaluations

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I am a Learning and Evaluation Program Associate and member of the DEI council. I believe in creating a culture of accountability and transparency in HomeRise where staff feel heard and have what they need to be successful in their roles.

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