Success Stories

Success comes in all shapes and sizes. Be inspired by these powerful stories from our community.


“It gives you dignity and at the same time a peace of mind. [HomeRise] gave me a jump start on changing my life.”

 George’s Story


”[HomeRise] gave me the strength to move forward. It wasn’t an easy road but a lot of positive has come out of it. I am so grateful to be alive.”

Ariel’s Story


Getting my housing was like an out of this world experience. Going where no woman has gone before. Not knowing how this second chance was going to turn my life around, I took this leap of faith and changed the trajectory of my life forever.”

Juthaporn’s Story


“Having a home gives me space where I can rest and think and not be worried about my instrument. Have a place to bathe, have shelter – everything”

Jerry’s Story


Without a home I wouldn’t be alive – I wouldn’t have survived. [HomeRise] took me in, a wretch like me.

Rex’s Story


Your home is your castle. Home is everything. To have a roof over your head, clothes on your back, shoes on your feet, and food on your table is everything.

George’s Story


My kids graduated high school with honors and are now in college, pursuing careers, and starting their own families. I am a grandmother of two and another on the way. I have a home. I have a life. I may not be rich, but I have a very rich life.

Molly’s Story


Now my whole life is going to start getting a whole lot better… it’s good here now, but there’s always more room for opportunity and growth.

Neal’s Story


I already told my kids Thanksgiving is at my house this year,” Natasha says. “And I am actually going to have a Christmas tree in my window that you can see from the outside for the first time in over 35 years.

Natasha’s Story


The staff here are more than a friend, they care unconditionally. I can come down here and anything can be solved, and they want to go out of their way to help me. It’s more than a job to them – they go way beyond that. I can get down here and talk for a minute and that’s my daily dose of positive to keep me going.

Darnell’s Story


The support I’ve received from [HomeRise] has given me a sense of self-worth. I’m proud to be at a place where I’m thinking about myself and taking care of myself. I eat better and exercise. All of this has helped me to cut down my seizures from multiple every day to only one or two per month.

Matties’s Story


After experiencing homelessness, Orlon found a home at Community Housing Project, and shaped his life to fight for the rights of marginalized communities.

Orlon’s Story


Solutions SF helped me stay grounded and got me back on track, so that’s how I broke the cycle. They taught me about integrity, responsibility, adversity, and diversity, I can’t thank them enough.

Lonzel’s Story

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