Vietnamese Youth Development Corp. (VYDC1)

01-18-17 2:45 PM - 6:15 PM
166 Eddy St.
Address: 166 Eddy St.

“VYDC is where young San Francisco Southeast Asians can feel at home, learn valuable life skills, and take control of their futures. We operate with the core belief that everyone can succeed if given the appropriate resources and guidance. Our Southeast Asian youth services aim to equip underserved youth with the skills they need to not only succeed in school and employment, but also to inspire confidence, positive self-image, and community leadership.”

Join us in tutoring VYDC’s middle- and high-school aged youth, and assisting them with homework at VYDC’s Afterschool Program (ASP).

Sign up by emailing or texting us at 415-319-3606.

Meet at Civic Center BART/Muni station near the black marble UN statue.